The Split Personality of the Timesharing Industry.

By Shep Altshuler

We’ve said it before: The timeshare vacation ownership industry has a split personality. The majority of owners love the product and the experiences. Yet, the mainstream media is filled with horror stories about consumers who felt they were misled. Many have turned to YouTube and other social media to voice their problems.

TimeSharing Today’s pledge is to provide straight talk about the industry. An effective way to demonstrate what we mean by “split personality” is through these two YouTube videos.

Last year, we produced a video from one of our long-time readers, Tom Miller. Tom is a happy timeshare owner who purchased timeshares by attending various developer presentations. He said he and his wife made an informed decision and they are realizing the benefits of those investments; they own at Diamond, Marriott and Wyndham vacation clubs. Tom also provides a straight-forward commentary as to how the industry can do better.

The second video was recently found on YouTube by Kristina Payne, TimeSharing Today’s social media coordinator. Kevin Hopkins is a retired military veteran and his wife Brenda is also a military veteran.  Kevin and Brenda felt compelled to record their video because of their inability to resolve issues that resulted after they purchased timeshares from Diamond Resorts International.


Be sure to watch both videos. They speak volumes about the industry. Please send your comments to, or to our Twitter and Facebook pages. At TimeSharing Today, your opinion really does count.

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