A Different Type of Festival: Burning Man

by Kristina Payne

Burning Man is one of the more obscure festivals out there. It’s also a tricky topic to talk about, because they specifically tell you that they are not a festival at every step. Instead, they market themselves as a community and transformative experience.

Burning Man is an event that happens in the middle of the Nevada desert, within a fence that closes in 6 miles. In that fence, Burning man participants build a city from scratch, and bring everything they need with them for the amount of time they’ll be there. There is nothing sold at Burning Man, and there are no advertisers or cell service. It is a break from the reality we know.

It lasts 9 days, and all of the content of the event is brought by participants. There is a big emphasis on self sufficiency and exploration of identity.

There is no set schedule at Burning Man, so all of the entertainment is brought by attendees. This makes every single Burning Man unique, and is what gives it the mystery. It is very different from Coachella, which is about the commercialism and party. Burning Man is about finding your true self in the desert, without technology and advertising to distract you. In this way, Burning Man is truer to what Woodstock was than Coachella. Burning Man is about coming together to make something unique and memorable, like Woodstock. There is no promise of media coverage or Instagram followers.

This makes Burning Man near impossible to use for timeshare boards as an advertising method, as it’s concept is inherently designed against that. However, it is a cultural phenomenon, that is important to try to understand if the industry is going to move into the future with the millennial generation.

Coachella and Burning Man represent different wants of the Millennial generation. Coachella represents the need to be connected and have a good time with friends, and Burning man the need for an authentic experience outside of social media. These two core idea will lead your Vacation homes and properties into the future along with the new generation.

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