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TST Broadcasting: Resort Management and Marketing – February 2, 2017

Shep Altshuler, Publisher TimeSharing Today and President TBMA, and Robert Nordlund,PE, RS, Founder and CEO of Association Reserves, discuss the needs for timeshare resorts to maintain adequate reserves to assure the timely repairs and replacement of key assets and why a reserve study is an essential tool for guiding resorts through the process.

Resort Management and Marketing – November 28, 2016

A conversation about sustainability studies and winding down a timeshare with Jim Bento, General Manager, Forest Glen Inn, North Conway, NH., John Funk, partner in the law firm Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell and Scott MacGregor , President of US Operations for ARC Resorts.

If you would like to comment about this broadcast about or receive more information about sustainability studies, email or call Shep Altshuler 201-94-7435.